Silhouette Soft


A new facial rejuvenation method that offers a dual effect: an immediate lifting effect and long-term collagen regeneration, using a completely absorbable material. Suitable for application on the face and facial lines.

Jeden zákrok, dvojitý efekt:

  • Lifting effect – immediately after application

  • Regenerating effect – by stimulating the production of new collagen for long-lasting results


How does the application work?

Thin Silhouette Soft® threads are introduced into the subcutaneous tissue using local anesthesia. The procedure takes about 30 minutes, after which you can quickly return to your regular life and activities.

The application of fully absorbable Silhouette Soft® lifting threads should only be performed by a physician who has completed specific training.

What makes Silhouette innovative:
  • The lifting effect is immediately visible
  • Progressively restores collagen production
  • Completely absorbable material
  • Procedure typically takes up to 30 minutes
  • Without a scalpel
  • With an effect lasting more than 12 months
  • Customized to your needs
    Post-application care recommendations:
    • If needed, apply a cold compress to the treated area
    • For pain relief, you can use paracetamol-containing products
    • After 24 hours, you can gently apply makeup
    • Sleep with your head elevated using a pillow (3-5 nights)
    • Wash the treated area very gently, avoiding rubbing (5 nights)
    • Avoid direct sunlight and tanning bed exposure (2 weeks)
    • Minimize excessive facial movements (2 weeks)
    • Limit physical activities, especially strenuous ones
    • Avoid saunas (3 weeks)
    • Do not undergo dental procedures (3 weeks)
    • Avoid facial massages and other aesthetic procedures (4 weeks)

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