Prague aesthetic Clinic

MUDr. Ali Amiri

Specialist in the field of DERMATOLOGY

Based on the latest knowledge in the field of dermatology, our clinic offers patients suffering from skin problems the best treatment and care options. Through specialized examinations, our doctors first identify the cause of the disease, which can have various origins, and recommend the best possible treatment or care.

Our doctors, who are top professionals in their field, work with the most modern dermatological devices. For skin rejuvenation, we recommend several treatment options:

Micro-needling therapy with DermaPen helps stimulate collagen production.

HydraFacial, an instrumental cosmetic treatment, deeply cleanses the skin and then infuses it with peptides and vitamins.

For aesthetic treatment, we use the ARIANE Eurofeedback device, which allows us to address various dermatological issues using the effective technology of intense pulsed light.

If you are bothered by unsightly minor growths, moles, and different marks on your skin, we recommend removing them using CryoPen, an American technology that precisely targets the specific problem area without affecting the surrounding tissue.

We will reliably and discreetly address your concerns.

The dermatology specialists at our clinic, during the initial consultation, first assess the condition of your condition. Subsequently, they will provide advice and accurate information about your skin, recommend an appropriate treatment method, and work collaboratively with you to treat any ailments. Our dermatologists are also excellent experts with rich experience in their field, and they will guide you and help you find the optimal and effective path to achieving a perfect, healthy appearance.


Višňová 1957/25, Praha 4