Face surgery


As we age, the skin on our face naturally sags and wrinkles start to form. The age at which these signs become noticeable is highly individual and typically begins around the age of 40. The extent of skin aging is influenced by factors such as genetics, lifestyle, work-related stress, and exposure to other stressors.

The face is one of the first areas that catch our attention when we meet someone. There are various procedures available to address facial aging. The most common of these is the removal of excess skin on the upper or lower eyelids, known as blepharoplasty.

Sagging eyebrows can be addressed through either temporal lift or brow lift procedures. Lip volume can also be surgically enhanced through techniques like Bullhornlift or Liplift. However, the most significant transformation is achieved through a Facelift.

One of the latest Facelift techniques is the Deep Plane Facelift, which not only targets the superficial muscle layers (SMAS) but also the deeper muscle layers. The key difference between the classic SMAS and the deep plane technique lies in the SMAS layer preparation.

This technique offers a natural, long-lasting effect, faster healing, and a reduced risk of complications.


Starting from 35,000 CZK.

Before and After Facelift


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