Breast Augmentation


The female breast has long been an enduring symbol of femininity. Breast augmentation is a surgical procedure that enhances breast volume using either breast implants or your body’s own fat.

We employ advanced techniques that allow for effective augmentation and address issues such as volume deficiency and mild to moderate breast sagging, all while keeping the scarring inconspicuous, similar to a standard augmentation.

If you have concerns about breast volume imbalances or glandular atrophy, we can combine the procedure with breast shaping.

Our skilled plastic surgeon will discuss the precise implant placement, your desired shape, and the entire surgical process during a personal consultation, a necessary step before the procedure.

Surgery Process:

An incision is made either in the inframammary fold or along the lower edge of the areola.

Next, a silicone implant is inserted either beneath the chest muscle or beneath the breast gland.

The entire procedure is performed under general anesthesia and typically takes approximately 45 minutes.

The patient remains at the clinic until the following day and is then discharged for home care.

The final shape and size can be considered close to the desired outcome after about 6-9 months.

Postoperative Care:
  • We use absorbable stitches.
  • Compression garments for 6-8 weeks.
  • Work leave – approximately 3 weeks.
  • Sports and sauna use – after 3 months.

Starting from 40,000 CZK (without implants).

Before and After Breast Augmentation


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